Automatic Panel Filter

Automatic Panel Filter

The Pneumafil Automatic Panel Filter is a self-cleaning filter that installs in one-third to one-fifth the space needed for a rotary drum filter. It outperforms vee cell or rollup paper filters with comparable space requirements.

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Even under the toughest conditions, the Pneumafil Automatic Panel Filter helps you maintain a clean, safe, productive plant. The simple design helps you reduce the cost of filtering air by lessening the need for labor, parts, and materials.

The size and efficiency of the Automatic Panel Filter make it ideal for filtering dry contaminants in systems where you can’t afford wide air quantity variations and when manual cleaning is not practical.

Use the Automatic Panel Filter:

  • Enclosed in a housing in single or tandem arrangements for your lint and dust control system.
  • As a second-stage filter to supplement a rotary drum filter.
  • With new air-conditioning systems.
  • In existing air-conditioning systems that have no filtration.
  • To replace vee cell or rollup paper filters.

The Pneumafil Automatic Panel Filter is available in various sizes and capacities.


Air is cleaned as it flows through an arrangement of parallel, hollow filter cells, each formed by two sets of filter panels. A pressure differential switch or timer activates the cleaning mechanism, which travels in and out of the space between filter cells.

A shuttle device moves the cleaning mechanism from cell to cell and returns it to the starting position when a complete pass of the filter panels is accomplished. Filter panels are always cleaned in the same sequence, ensuring that dirtier cells are cleaned before those with less accumulation. Stripper nozzles vacuum the filter media until proper pressure is restored. Waste is pneumatically carried to a disposal unit.


The Rotary Drum Filter

  • Required 2,200 cu ft (62.3 m3) of space (10’W x 10’H x 22’L or 3mw x 3 mH x 6.7 mL) to filter 50,000 cfm (84,914 m3/hr) at less than 125 fpm (38 mph) air to media ratio.
  • Series of stationary nozzles exposes just-cleaned media to rush of dusty air each time the drum rotates. Discharge contaminant level quickly rises. Longer recovery time required to restore particle collection efficiency.
  • Requires routine maintenance of seal. Drum rotation, starting, and stopping stresses parts, causes metal fatigue. Must be repaired or replaced.
  • Larger particles build up on enclosure floor. Possible fire hazard. Must be shoveled out by hand.

The Automatic Panel Filter

  • Requires only 500 cu ft (14.2 m3) of space (10’W x 10’H x 5’L or 3mW x 3 mH x 1.5 mL) to filter 50,000 cfm (84,914 m3/hr) at less than 125 fpm (38 mph) air to media ratio.
  • Cleaning mechanism partially blocks air flow through just-cleaned media. Minimal loss in filtration efficiency after cleaning. Filtration efficiency restored in less time.
  • Small drive motor. Few moving parts. Reduces need for service.
  • Larger particles that fall between cells are vacuumed up by cleaning mechanism.

Intelligent Computerized Controls Simplify Operation

The Pneumafil Automatic Panel Filter is controlled by a sophisticated electronic system that improves performance and simplifies operation. Status messages and settings are displayed in plain English for quick understanding, reducing likelihood of error. Controller can be linked to a plant-wide central system for remote diagnosis and control.

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Automatic Panel Filter