Dust Collection for Asphalt Industry


MikroPul has continuously upgraded and modified its offering to meet the high demands of the Asphalt Industry. The FS system offers a reduce number of wear parts in the filter with a positive impact on our customers' life cycle costs

Nederman MikroPul can look back on more than five decades of experience in this field and have continuously modified and improved the dust collection plants to meet these high demands. As a result of numerous further developments of the FS filter system, the number of wear parts has been minimized and the efficiency of the reverse air cleaning system improved, with a positive impact on availability and life cycle costs.

The dust collection plants are individually modified to meet customers' specifications. The required parameters of the asphalt mixing plant are also taken into account, such as the mixing capacity, moisture content of the mix, exhaust gas volume and temperature, acid content, addition of cold recycled material and parallel drum. In addition, the dust collection plant is installed in accordance with local conditions and designed accordingly. Our dust collection plants are generally designed with optimum flow and energy use.

The plants are available for stationary installation, as well as for semi-mobile and mobile dust collection.

Dust sources:

  • Dryer drum
  • Parallel drum
  • Mixer
  • Screens
  • Bucket elevators
  • Truck loading

Installed product:

FS filter with reverse air cleaning system. Advantages: compact design, small footprint, pre-assembled filter housing for low transport and assembly costs, soft reverse air cleaning system for lower residual dust levels and a longer service life of the filter bags, as well as reduced formation of condensate through optimized insulation.