Onsite Assessments and Inspections

MikroPul improves your maintenance ROI by offering focused on-site assessments


We built the myAir offering from hundreds of detailed onsite assessment records. Look for our “Top 5 Dust Collector Problems” knowledge post for details. myAir assessment do the detective work using our experienced technicians, with a full written report featuring key recommendations.

myAir FBI (Filter Bag Investigation) is our assessment focused on dust collector filter bag and retainer (cage) performance. This is the biggest area for baghouse performance improvement based on our data. Every assessment includes a lab test of the bag to determine suitability for purpose. Our expert technicians will recommend a full set of corrective action, if needed, and make minor repairs if part are available. We carry a full assortments of high quality filter media and related hardware for all of our dust collection systems.


myAir CSI (Cleaning System Investigation) focuses on the baghouse dust collector pulse-jet cleaning system. All aspects of the sub-system are evaluated, delivering savings in compressed air and improved bag life expectancy.

Customized site and baghouse assessments. The MikroPul team can deliver a flexible and affordable quotation for your multi-filter site, for different technologies and all makes. Our technical team reaches across North America for high-performance service.

myAir ONE is the pinnacle of “Clean Air as a Service”, myAir ONE delivers a structured and in-depth assessments of collectors and entire sites, with remediation and maintenance plans for the long term. Every myAir ONE program features MikroPul-Assist, our market-leading remote monitoring solution.

Downloadable Documents

myAir FBI Information Sheet

myAir CSI Information Sheet