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Rotary Pleated Belt Filter System

The Pneumafil Rotary Pleated Belt (RPB) Filter achieves improved fiber filter efficiency for users interested lower energy costs in a compact package

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Unlike rotary drum filters, the RPB does not require the buildup of a fiber mat to retain small dust particles. Also, RPB filters do not pulse or blow dust back into the air stream as often happens with felt bag or cartridge filters.


  • Compact size-a 50,000 CFM (84,914 m¬3/hr.) filter is about 33% the size of a Rotary Drum Filter (about 60 sq. ft. floor area.
  • Saves money- the RPB does the work of tandem filters (2 in series) or a secondary static disposable filter bank downstream of the primary filter. Cleaner air requires less air turnover and improves air conditioning system efficiency.
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs. The RPB is preassembled on a steel base, and prewired, including controls. It does not require a smooth floor or elaborate leveling.
  • Long filter life. The cleaning mechanism never touches the media-no nozzles to adjust and wear out or rub holes in the media.
  • Optimized performance for fibers. The right filter for the right job. The media is optimized for fibrous dust filtration. Fiber and dust are suctioned away out of the air stream (off-line cleaning).


The RPB consists of a number of filter cells. Each cell is comprised of an endless pleated media belt looped between two pulleys. Unfiltered air enters the unit parallel to the filter cells and passes through the straight sections of the belt loop. Larger fibers collect on the outer edges of the pleats and smaller particles build up on the media surfaces between pleats. The clean air continues between the two sides of the cell into a plenum in the back of the filter.

Pressure drop across the media is constantly monitored. When the high set point is reached a cell’s belt begins rotating around the pulleys and a stationary suction plenum underneath the cell is activated. As the belt moves around the lower pulley, the pleats open up and air flow through the media is blocked, allowing the pleats to be easily vacuumed and pulsed clean. The pleats on the specially designed media are tightly spaced for filtration purposes and open up around the lower pulley for cleaning purposes.


The Pneumafil RPB Filter provides outstanding filtration performance for any air stream containing fiber and dust. It has a proven track record over hundreds of installations.

Key applications include non-woven products such as:

  • feminine hygiene (tampon) production
  • disposable diaper production,
  • sanitary paper and napkin,
  • tissue manufacturing and converting

The efficiency of the RPB media is high enough to remove SAP powder used in the hygiene and diaper production without the use of after-filters and still allow return of the filtered air to the production room.

The RPB filter can easily be integrated into a total system for both filtration and air conditioning.


Pneumafil can provide turnkey design, supply, and installation services for complete filtration and conditioning systems. This helps in achieving goals for room dust levels, temperature and relative humidity.

A weather-proof housing are available for outside installations.

A PLC-based controller is available for interfacing with central monitoring stations. We offer a controller with timer for timed-cycle media cleaning.

To determine if the RPB Filter is suitable for your application, Nederman Pneumafil maintains a full-scale test facility at our plant in Charlotte, NC, USA.

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