Fine Dust Filter

Fine Dust Filter (FDF)

Compact dust collector combining the coarse filtration capability with the high efficiency of a bag filter

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Fine Dust Filter

Simple, low maintenance operation

Dust laden air enters the unit through a tangential inlet where an inner cylinder induces cyclonic flow. This cyclonic flow causes larger particles to separate from the air stream and fall into the hopper. The remaining fine particles collect on the filter elements.

Periodically, the elements are cleaned by back-pulsing compressed air through a high efficiency pulsing system to maintain desired ΔP. The cleaning system uses only 0.5 SCF of standard plant air. Clean air from inside the filter elements exits out of the top of the unit.


  • Greater than 99% filtration efficiency.
  • Pulse cleaning manifold is hinged, allowing easy access for filter element replacement. If headroom is tight, manifold can be removed.
  • Filter can be mounted on the floor or suspended from the ceiling.
  • The unit may be arranged for manual or automatic removal of the collected dust.
  • Weighted bag cages prevent premature bag wear.
  • MikroPleat™ filter cartridges may be substituted for filter bags to improve efficiency or abrasion resistance.
  • Optional duct discharge cover allows outside or negative installation.


The FDF is a versatile filter with broad application in many industries:

  • Fume control at welding stations.
  • Textiles-by separately collecting fine dust from your lint and dust control system, the quality and value of fibrous waste is increased.
  • Process industries-as a receiver on a dust relay line.
  • Wood Processing-high grain loading filter for small plants or for adding incremental capacity.

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Fine Dust Filter