Gas Turbine Inertial Separators

Inertial Separators

Inertial separators for gas turbine inlets provide effective precleaning in heavy dust applications.

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The Pneumafil inertial separator air cleaner is an effective precleaner for gas turbine inlet air streams having heavy dust concentrations. It separates and removes heavier particulate and moisture from the inlet air stream, increasing the life of more efficient secondary or final stage filters.

Each element contains 54 small diameter tubes incorporating stationary air spinners that impart rotation to the entering air. The resulting centrifugal force causes the dirt particles to move to an annular tube area from which the dirt particles are removed by the flow of a purge fan. The clean air is withdrawn through the center of the inner tubes at the air leaving face of the element while the bleed air is exhausted, with the dust, through a bleed air duct.

Provided the proper relationship of bleed air to total turbine inlet air flow is maintained, these elements will operate over a wide range of velocities without losing efficiency. Normally the bleed air is 10% of the total inlet dirty air. However, this proportion can be altered to provide, within limits, desired changes in cleaning efficiency. The velocity through the gas turbine inlet system is usually determined by the allowable pressure drop.

Pneumafil Inertial Separators can be used in many applications where filtering of inlet air is necessary. They have many advantages:

  • High efficiency on solids and moisture separation
  • Excellent self-cleaning ability
  • Elements are compact, lightweight, one-piece molded polypropylene, having excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. UV treatment guards against deterioration due to exposure to bright sunlight.
  • Dust can be discharged in any desired direction
  • Applicability in a wide range of temperatures, -40 to +200°F
The Inertial Separator has a particulate removal efficiency of 93% for particles of 8 micrometer and larger and 99% for particles 20 micrometer and larger.

With an inlet air flow of 950 CFM total dirty air to an individual 54 tube Inertial Separator, the operating pressure drop is only 1 inch of water. Using 10% bleed air, this would provide 855 CFM of clean air.