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Mikro-Pulsaire Baghouse Dust Collector

MikroPulsaire Dust Collector Overview


Our US-based Test Facility is equipped with fully operational dust collectors, as well as media testing equipment. Our engineers can help customers evaluate their processes and deliver expertise that enhances dust collector performance. We feature our demo lab dust collector, a Mikro-Pulsaire pulse jet baghouse dust collector. The demo unit is scaled down to a 5 x 5 bag layout. We will go over the Header Pressure Manifold with Sensor, CascadAir Inlet Diffuser, Tubular bags with cages, B-Pac Pulse Cleaning Control, Clean Air Exhaust with Particulate Sensor, Non-Clogging Differential Pressure Transmitter, and the Hopper with Level Sensor.

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Top 5 Dust Collector Problems


Any number of little things can cause serious problems in your dust collection system. An inefficient dust collection system will cause downtime and can be hazardous for your facility. Updated 6/30/2020 with data from our nationwide service team survey.