MikroPul-Assist solves problems like these

Our valued customers list these obstacles that may be overcome by using a remote monitoring technology:

  • Emergency situations in the plant, e.g. stop production or fire
  • Unable to plan maintenance task with enough advance notice
  • Unscheduled downtime due to equipment failure
  • Difficult in finding new employees with the right experience and skills

Added Benefits

Also, our customers list these potential extra benefits they can gain by using a remote monitoring technology:

  • Communicate to Business Leaders that all processes are in control
  • Achieve savings from the maintenance budget
  • Take care of maintenance employees’ commitment to overtime or off-hours
  • Have a stable and reliable service and maintenance partner who handles every need
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What is mikropul monitor

What is MikroPul-Assist?

MikroPul-Assist is a remote monitoring technology supported by expert MikroPul technicians and is available for both New and Existing collectors. We begin with the original sensing and control components of the dust collector and add a data acquisition sub-system. Then, we complete the system with Nederman Insight, the market-leading application providing cloud-based remote monitoring for dust collectors across the globe.

MikroPul-Assist keeps a continuous watch on the dust collector performance. Client-defined notifications and visualization of performance trends support proactive maintenance efforts.

Your dust collector’s information is read by our expert technical staff and we supply a regular status update. If there is a problem, we can recommend what action should be taken and when.

The result is improved uptime for your process, lower parts usage and predictive care so that you avoid unplanned or emergency repairs.

MikroPul-Assist, powered by Nederman Insight is the ideal collaboration of human and machine working together to improve uptime, mitigate risk, and save you money.

Enhanced Sensing Solutions for Pulse jet Dust Collectors

Enhanced Sensing Solutions for FS Dust Collectors

Enhanced Sensing Solutions for RAF Dust Collectors

Without remote monitoring, frequent in-person operational assessments are required. Sensor technology coupled with cellular data and digital dashboards allow remote assessment of filters.

The RAF dust collector is usually installed outdoors, requiring climbs of over 25ft. and special protective gear. Service and maintenance outside the collector or inside the walk-in plenum are made even more risky in extreme cold, ice or summer storm activity. Remote sensing avoids accident claims and lost time injuries.

What’s included in MikroPul-Assist for RAF?

  1. Non-Clogging Differential Pressure
  2. Dust Emissions Probe
  3. Zero Speed Switch - Cleaning Assembly
  4. Fan Motor Amps
  5. Zero Speed Switch - Rotary Air Lock
  6. Cellular Gateway Package incl. Panel and sensor I/O
  7. 5 Insight Dashboard User licenses
  8. Dashboard and Gateway configuration

*Does not include electrical wiring onsite

Additionally, each 2 year MikroPul-Assist agreement includes a cellular data connection, phone support for the dashboard application and 4 hours of remote technician support for the dust collector.

 Learn more about the RAF Dust Collector

A smarter solution, deep insights

We are continuing to develop Nederman Insight, adding advanced modules that give you greater functionality and more valuable insights into your air filtration system.