MikroPul Solutions Lab


You’ve conceived of an innovative industrial process. Now what? If you need to recover high value material efficiently or protect expensive machinery and people, you may be considering a standard baghouse, filter or scrubber component. If you want a a high-performance solution and are unwilling to accept average, you need MikroPul Solutions Lab.

What is MikroPul Solutions Lab?

First of all, MikroPul Solutions Lab is a way for you to address the most difficult gas cleaning or material recovery problems. We provide access to world-leading expertise that solves unique or difficult problems. Then we deliver a highly engineered and validated solution. We know more about industrial process and our library is huge. That’s why we built MikroPul AnswerSpace into the Solutions Lab.

AnswerSpace gives you a forum to explore a solution. We are totally focused on you and your problem. We bring the extent of MikroPul’s global technical team. We do it on your timescale and in your time zone.

AnswerSpace - The Problem Solving Process

How does the AnswerSpace work?

Simply ask for a free exchange of ideas. Any time zone in any industry. We confirm your meeting within one business day.

MikroPul brings our global filtration and gas treatment expertise to bear on your issue or project. We offer some background and references sourced from our database.

After our initial collaboration, you can choose a number of ways to address your process or Air pollution Control problem.

  • Studies or Analysis of Alternatives
  • Technology demonstration, test lab or pilot project
  • Full project proposal

A Few Examples Of Difficult Problems We've Solved For Others