Nederman MikroPul Increases Coverage for MikroPul-Assist 'Cloud-Based' Service Tool

MikroPul-Assist: Remote Monitoring for your industrial dust collector systems

Nederman MikroPul has announced extensive enhancements to its market-leading Nederman Insight platform.

Now, the Mikropul-Assist service is being offered for Pulse-Jet dust collectors across the North American, European and Asia Pacific regions. This augments our capabilities already launched in Reverse Air collectors. More developments are planned in the near future, including other process components in the industrial filtration space.

MikroPul-Assist helps industrial plant management and maintenance personnel reduce downtime on critical processes while predicting potential filter performance issues. With MikroPul-Assist, new and existing customers can see critical, real-time performance parameters graphically displayed on a dashboard powered by the Nederman Insight cloud-based application.

MikroPul's highly trained technicians use the data to inform filter owners when action is needed to ensure continued and efficient functionality.

“Nederman MikroPul is the go-to provider for the design, development, fabrication and maintenance of industrial dust collectors. MikroPul-Assist gives our customers a corner-stone of information that improves reliability, uptime and performance.” - Alan Traylor, Vice President of Business Development, Nederman MikroPul

For more information, visit our MikroPul-Assist page here