Dust, Fume and Gas Filtration for Crankshaft Manufacturing

MikroPul FS baghouse

Case Study: FS baghouse dust collection system for Tianrun China

Industry: Foundry
Country: China
Product: FS
Key Benefit: Achieve all design index

Project Background

Tianrun is the largest professional manufacturing company in China that specializes in crankshafts for the automotive industry. The Tianrun factory produced significant dust & fume gas during the Induction Furnace melting process.

Most of particles are very fine and the waste gas is close to 1400°C.

The extraction system designed and supplied by MikroPul for the induction furnaces group worked to customer requirements.

Nederman MikroPul's Solution

MIkroPul performed Process/Operational Analysis.

The design included:

  • A skimmer to collect sparks
  • High performing FS filter that achieves all design parameters including dust concentration levels below the permitted limits, both inside and outside the factory
  • Excellent extraction
  • Defined energy savings
  • Attractive finish and presentation, enhancing the customer’s brand and reputation


Operating well and has achieved all design criteria. Met the requirements for dust concentration in the workplace and outside emission limits.