Aluminum Smelters

Aluminum Smelters


Aluminum occupies an increasing role in the production of food packaging and consumer goods, as well as in Automotive and Aerospace applications. Although Aluminum is a highly recyclable material and reduces industrial energy use per unit manufactured, there are still significant pollution control challenges. Producers need to pay attention to effective source capture measures to protect workers and to both particulate filtration and gas removal devices.

Primary Aluminum

As with most mining and Mineral applications, Mikro-Pulsaire baghouse dust collectors are trusted solutions along with Venturi Scrubbers

Secondary Aluminum


MikroPul baghouses are accepted as leading solutions for:

  • Occupational Health & Safety of workers in the recycled scrap processes including sorting, crushing and screening operations
  • Air Pollution Control in “drying” (delacquering) and “sweating” operations that produce Aluminum separated from coatings and higher melt point materials
  • Pollution Control in dross handling
  • APC in Sweating furnaces

Smelting and Refining

Aluminum processes face unique air pollution control challenges. Gas streams range from ambient to over 500° F (260° C) and may contain high levels of oil, soot, moisture and acids. Airborne Particulate is often submicron in size, abrasive and hygroscopic in nature. The Non-Ferrous industry is highly regulated for particulate emissions as well as various gaseous emissions such as HCl, HF and SOx.

MikroPul FS series baghouse dust collectors are a proven solution for smelting and can be augmented with integral additive dosing systems to remove HCl, HF and SOx.

Use FS dust collectors also for demagging and degassing operations, fluxing, allotting and pouring.

All MikroPulsaire and FS dust collectors are supplied with MikroPul-Assist remote monitoring.

Case Studies

FS baghouse dust collection system

Fume Treatment for Aluminum Melting


Case Study: FS baghouse dust collection system for Xiashun China