Rain and Mist Control

Coalescers separate water droplets from inlet air streams in gas turbine air intake systems. Holding frames designed to enclose synthetic media pads or stainless steel mesh mist separators.

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It is very important to remove rain and mist from the gas turbine inlet air stream. We accomplish this by using hoods, vertical blades, and coalescer pads.

Hoods are designed so that the inlet air velocity is less than the terminal velocity of the precipitation. For example, we design rain hoods so that the vertical component of the average inlet velocity is about 600 fpm.

Eliminator blades cause the air to enter the system via a convoluted path. As the air turns, water droplets impinge upon the blades, then coalesce and drain out of the system. We offer several different blade options based on site conditions and required removal efficiencies.

Coalescer elements are the most efficient at removing airborne water particles. These are constructed like filter elements, but are intended for wet service. Fine water droplets are filtered by the medium and coalesced into a continuous stream that can be drained from the gas turbine inlet system.

Gas turbines operate in a wide range of conditions, including 100% relative humidity. However, when driving rain or changes in wind drive free moisture into the inlet of a gas turbine, it can cause significant operating challenges. Pneumafil offers several engineered solutions for this, including framed enclosures for stainless steel and synthetic coalescing pads. Coalescence is the process by which water droplets are agglomerated into larger droplets or a steady stream that can be more easily drained from the system.

Coalescing Pads

Available media include stainless steel and polyester. Framing is available in plastic, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Eliminator Blades

Eliminator blades can coalesce and drain larger volumes of water than media / pad coalescers and are often employed for offshore applications. Eliminator blades can also function at higher face velocities, making them useful when space is limited. They are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and plastic.

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