Aluminum Smelters

The Non-Ferrous industry as a whole is heavily regulated for particulate emissions as well as various gaseous emissions such as HCL, HF and Sox. The production of non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, creates unique air pollution control challenges. Gas streams range from ambient to over 500°F and may contain high levels of oil, soot, moisture and acids. Particulate to be filtered is often submicron in size, abrasive and hydroscopic in nature. Nederman MikroPul has served this industry for over 50 years and has an understanding of how to treat the emissions from the following types of applications:

  • Secondary aluminum melting
  • Rotary hearth furnace
  • Submerged arc furnace
  • Aluminum potline
  • Aluminum bake oven
  • Dross handling

Nederman MikroPul can assist you with new plants or plant expansions and can also assist with upgrading existing baghouse / air pollution control equipment to meet current standards.