Propulse EC Dust Collector Controller

PulsePro EC™

The PulsePro DP20T Differential Transmitter offers the ability to transmit pressure measurements to control devices.

Nederman MikroPul's PLC-based PulsePro EC dust collector control offers a level of control, monitoring, and expansion capabilities previously unavailable in its price range, seamlessly integrating pulse-jet cleaning based upon differential pressure, leak detection, and other baghouse control functions into a single easy-to-use device.

Incorporating the PulseProEC™ into your system allows you to:

  • Control multiple baghouse systems from a single source, reducing duplicity of settings and saving you money
  • Remotely check the status and change the setpoints of your baghouse systems from any computer on the internet (using the control’s built in IP address)
  • Send alarm notifications via email to notify operators of upset changes or conditions
  • Recognizes and alarms for component failures such as solenoids, diaphrams valves, and leaking filters

Features include:

  • Cleaning modes: intelligent, manual on-time/off-time, single cycle, cycle down, continuous, and remote activated
  • Locate failed pulse-jet solenoids, diaphragms, and filter bags
  • Ideal for compliance with EPACAM, MACT, Title V, and PM 2.5
  • Advanced process communication for QC and PM programs
  • Easily customized for your specific needs. The top, right photo shows a Nederman MikroPul panel which integrates an EC controller with equipment interface components — AC motor starters, electronic softstart for high HP motors, Ethernet switch for connection to plant LAN and internet, PLC, and circuit breaker. The system also includes sensors for DeltaP, leakage, header pressure, 250 psi pressure, water level, and a water flow meter.