Baghouse Dust Collector SCR Process

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is the most effective DeNOx process. In this process, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are converted into nitrogen and water on a catalytic surface.


Ammonia water or urea are used as reducing agents. The end products are nitrogen and water. The catalyst enables the simultaneous oxidation and thus elimination of dioxins and furans.

The MikroPul fabric filter SCR process removes dust and several gaseous compounds in a single process step! 

For this purpose, a catalytic bag filter consisting of a catalytic fabric layer is installed in a standard filter bag.
Both the catalyst formulation and the fabric material for the catalytic inner layer and the dust filter layer are optimized according to the process requirements - eliminating the need for costly, space-consuming "tail-end" DeNOx equipment.


  • Removes dust and multiple gaseous compounds in a single step in the bag filter housing
  • Simultaneous separation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dioxins / furans
  • Reduces and controls NH3 slip e.g. from upstream (SNCR) to ensure compliance with NH3 regulations.
  • Reliably achieves the low BREF emission values for nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • No need for a costly, space-consuming clean gas SCR solution and therefore lower investments
  • Less space required
  • No steam/gas heat exchanger required - lower energy consumption
  • Low pressure drop and therefore lower energy costs                                                                                                       
  • Lower operating costs                                                                                                                                                       
  • Service life and pressure drop are comparable to conventional fabric filters