Wet Scrubbers - Dynamic Scrubber

Wet Scrubbers - Dynamic Scrubber Webinar

MikroPul's most compact scrubber design, saving you space and installation cost. 99% efficiency at around 2 micron.


Video Transcript:

The second scrubber in our series is the Dynamic Scrubber. As I said earlier, this is our most compact design because it uses an integral wetted fan. So what it does for you is it basically reduces your installation cost as well as your energy costs.

If you look at traditional Venturi Scrubbers, or Mikro-Vane Scrubbers, or Multi-Venturi Scrubbers or any other scrubber you have air coming into the scrubber then you have ductwork from the separator to the blower then you have ductwork from the blower to the stack and stack.

So a lot of pieces of the puzzle. You have to put it on the ground so the amount of space you need for installation as well as installation cost they both go up and in this scrubber it is significantly lower.

This scrubber operates somewhere around 5 - 6 inches pressure drop but performance is equivalent to 14 - 16 inch pressure drop. So that is very very significant and again liquid to gas ration is only 2 to 3 so it uses a very low liquid rate and performance is significantly high which is about 99% at around 2 micron.

Capabilities this scrubber size ranges from 400 acfm to 75,000 acfm. That's because of the limitation on the fan. This fan is our own design and we use a paddle wheel fan design to make sure there is no plugging in the fan. So this picture shows inside the fan how it looks and as I said it's an open paddle wheel design.