Top 5 Dust Collector Problems

Overused Filter Bags

Any number of little things can cause serious problems in your dust collection system. An inefficient dust collection system will cause downtime and can be hazardous for your facility.

It is very important that all components of your dust collection system are carefully engineered and precisely installed to get value for the money you spend on dust collection.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Issues commonly found in dust collection systems.

  1. High differential pressure
    High differential pressure will reduce air flow throughout the system, causing insufficient vacuum at pickup points. The carrying velocity drops to the point where material falls out of the air stream and eventually chokes the duct with material.
  2. Improperly fitted bags
    Bags must be perfectly installed to get the most out of your system. An improperly fitted bag causes bypassing from the dirty to the clean side of the collector, which increases emissions, and pollutes the atmosphere.
  3. Using dirty bags that need replacement
    If you are not getting the performance you need from your collection system, chances are your bag is excessively dirty and it is time for it to be replaced. A dirty bag will cause high differential pressure in your system leading to lower performance and more downtime.
  4. Wrong filter media
    It is very important that the right filter media is used to solve your needs. Using the wrong filter media can cause increased emissions as well as extreme high differential pressure.
  5. Leaks in system
    An undetected leak can wreak havoc on your system. Leaks can cause the system to become imbalanced, resulting in insufficient vacuum at pick up points.

If your dust collection system isn’t performing at its maximum efficiency, it may be time to call for service from the masters of dust collection. Quality Service Solutions from Nederman MikroPul will send a highly trained field service team to perform comprehensive inspections and troubleshooting to get your dust collection system operating at peak efficiency and uncover potential problems that could cause unexpected production upsets.