Precise process control in a fine pigment production environment

Company Profile

Industry: Chemicals and Pigments
Application: Capturing valuable pigment in fine particulate form

Problem statement

A global leader in the production of chemicals wanted to build 2 identical process lines. The overall size of the system was to be the largest ever produced for this process and there were significant process control hurdles to overcome, including temperature control.

Nederman MikroPul solution

Our team, specializing in high pressure filters to ASME code, produced 2 identical round baghouses to operate at above 200C with steam and fine particulate. The designs included temperature control banding for the collector and a vibratory bottom to improve fine dust capture. The final designs we fabricated and shipped to Mexico.

Basic statistics: 2 systems to ASME code, each of total flow of 28,500 kg./hr ( 62,500 lbs./hr.) (steam plus pigment)

Total bags per baghouse: 880

Stainless Steel construction

Special temperature control banding

Diameter: 25ft.(7.62m)

Height (vessel only): 52ft. (15.9m)

The current status: These systems are operating at full capacity.