Case Study: Cydsa Mexico

Case study: Cydsa

Our Largest Wet Scrubbers Ever Designed

Country: Mexico
Product: Wet Scrubber / Baghouse Dust Collector
Key Benefit: Increased uptime

Project Background

Cydsa’s engineers were facing severe problems with electricity co-generation in one of their salt production plants in Mexico. A combination of environmental pollution, natural weather patterns and emissions within their own plant were causing corrosion on the two stationary power generation turbines. They wanted to avoid turbine repair caused by airborne pollutants and “acid rain” derivatives, the repair being achieved by removing the large turbine and shipping it to a refurbishment site. The need for many days of plant downtime severely curtailed plant operations and their ability to deliver power back to the Mexican grid..


Nederman Pneumafil's Solution

The Pneumafil Gas Turbine Filtration team had established thought leadership in not only particle filtration but also gas contaminant removal, over many years. Cydsa and Pneumafil engineers reviewed the case and determined that a complex mix of wet scrubbing, particle filtration and air chilling would not only clean the air of gaseous pollutants but also provide dense air that increased the power generation efficiency of the two turbines in the plant.

Nederman Pneumafil provided design consultancy and engineering while relying on outsourced partners for fabrication and site erection plus Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD) and commissioning.

One of the key outcomes of the project has been the production of the two largest FRP wet scrubbers we have ever designed at 33' dia and 58' tall each, that has to be transported in one piece by river to the site.


Site work is complete and the old filtration plant has been removed with the fully functioning Nederman Pneumafil design now installed.

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