Another innovative air filtration solution for the Steel Industry

BISG china - steel industry dust collection case study

Case Study: FS filter system for BISG China

Industry: Steel
Country: China
Product: FS
Key Benefit: Good performance

Project Background

BISG is a large iron and steel company in Baotou, China. A large amount of high temperature dust and fume was generated while the Ladle tilting machine was working, seriously affecting workers’ health.

Nederman MikroPul's Solution

MikroPul supplied the FS filter system for this application. A large enclosed booth, used as a capturing hood was built. It covered the ladle tilting machine to easily remove the dust and fume. The ceiling of the facility was assembled dismountable, allowing removal of part of the ceiling for repair and replacement. An FS filter and fan was installed outdoors.


High efficiency and good performance of the filter. Met the requirement for reduced dust concentration in the workplace as well as outside dust emissions limit. Our Customer was satisfied with the project.