A unique approach to gas cleaning for energy transition

Monolith clean hydrogen gas filtration and material recovery system

Company Profile

Industry: Clean Hydrogen
Application: Clean Hydrogen and material productions

Problem statement

A USA-based innovator in “clean hydrogen” production, Monolith was faced with a challenging gas cleaning and material recovery problem, as part of the process needed stringent requirements for filtration efficiency when capturing valuable carbon particulate.

Nederman MikroPul solution

Our team has delivered a unique innovation in the field of industrial filtration. Using a mix of deep applications experience and leading-edge technology, we have designed, fabricated and delivered a reverse-air cleaned filter where the cleaning gas is the recycled green hydrogen from the filter. The carbon dust is collected with about 99.9% efficiency by custom-designed filtration bags. There are implicit savings in energy use due to reverse air cleaning at low pressures, eliminating the need for compressed inert gas. The result is an efficient and safe solution that will serve its core application for many years. The MikroPul solution complements the Clean Hydrogen process by offering a highly sustainable filtration system.

Basic statistics: 1 special reverse air filtration system to ASME code, with total flow range of between 20,000 and 30,000 ACFM (33,980 Am3/h – 50,970 Am3/h)
Total bags per baghouse: 460
Construction: Stainless Steel 304
Diameter: 13.5ft.(4.0m)
Height (vessel only): 46 ft. (14 m)
The current status: This system is operating as designed.