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Toxic Metals

MikroPul provides industry-leading filtration solutions to achieve compliance for all stages of recycling of toxic metals and their use in industrial products.

Manufacturers who use toxic materials are serious about protecting their workers and community from adverse health effects, as regulated by law.

Considering Lead and Lead Oxide, high ambient levels can induce severe health issues such as nervous system disorders and kidney failure. Nederman MikroPul baghouse filter solutions and scrubbers are customized to maintain high levels of production while easily achieving control limits on pollution. In addition, precise collection and filtering can recover lost material to control manufactured costs.

Solutions are available for all stages of formation of components using lead, including smelting, paste and conveying. In Lead Acid battery manufacture, the components are nearly 100% recyclable, including lead, acid and polypropylene. Incorrect scrubbing of gas pollutants will corrode outdoor equipment, leading to failure and replacement.

MikroPul solutions begin with applications expertise and don’t end even when systems are running to specification. In existing plants, users can achieve productivity gains and enhanced compliance by retrofitting MikroPul equipment with minimal downtime. Our team handles all aspects of design, fabrication, installation and commissioning plus preventive maintenance, parts and repairs if needed.