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Direct Reduced Iron

Nederman MikroPul is a leading supplier of industrial air filtration systems; dust collectors, including baghouses, reverse air filter and collectors, cartridge collectors, and dust evacuation systems.

A key element in “green” steel-making initiatives is the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO₂) within the process. Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and Hot Direct Reduced Iron (HDRI) are used to charge Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), thereby reducing reliance on coal and coke. The air pollution control (APC) challenges in DRI can be met with both dry and wet equipment technologies.

Sintering and Pelletizing

Venturi Scrubbers are preferred in sintering operations, with typical gas flow ranges between 10,000 and 200,000 m³/h (5,800 to 117,700 ACFM)

Material Handling and Briquetting

Wet scrubber solutions avoid clogging risks for dry filtration media. Not only do MikroPul wet scrubber solutions operate successfully around the world in DRI applications, but de-dusting during briquetting, transfer and hoppering are accomplished by MikroPulsaire® fabric filter dust collectors. Ideal designs are negative pressure, bottom inlet collectors, often in the 20,000 to 50,000 ACFM (33,980 to 84,950 m³/h range).

DRI furnace

Wet scrubbers are often preferred for top gas removal in a shaft furnace. A water effluent is produced, requiring proper disposal, but wet scrubbers are largely maintenance free, reducing total cost of ownership for the APC system. Scrubbers can be made part of a capacity (revamping) project for increased steel-making capacity.

How MikroPul Fits in Green Steel Production