Our value for Maintenance & Plant Managers

For managers that need assured production uptime, predict service downtime, and source correct materials

Our solution for you is Advanced Services and Equipment Upgrades

  • Experts in Lead Acid Battery Recycling with certified technicians
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Performance monitoring solutions, compatible with all platforms

Advanced Services

It is critical to achieve pollution compliance on older or less well-maintained systems. Often, an operational filter assessment will yield important repair or maintenance information that would be missed by less skilled contractors. Take care to consider these activities:

  • Preventive maintenance cycles by a filter expert
  • Assessment of the type of media used in order to enhance bag life
  • Repair of poorly functional filter baghouses, whatever the make
  • Introduction of continuous monitoring for broken bags or motor/fan/ duct performance
  • Effective hopper systems
  • Certification and competence of skill service labor to preserve your safety record
  • Precise and timely reporting after assessment with corrective action plans

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Unlike general equipment repair operations, we have

  • Safety certified and trained technical staff
  • Precise identification of parts and systems
  • Full service, digital solutions, parts and inspections

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