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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a very sticky material. Whoever had this fine powder on his hands knows how this versatile chemical adheres to surfaces. Titanium dioxide is a widely used white pigment and applied in light, surface or sun protection.

Paints, colors, window frames, plastics parts, textile fibers or cosmetics contain TiO2 as an essential ingredient to assure color intensity, gloss or whiteness as well as protect against yellowing. TiO2 is grinded in steam jet mills to achieve the required fineness. Grain sizes are 99% < 1µm.

Nederman MikroPul has supplied more than 150 dust collectors for TiO2 production for several stages of the production to 50 customers worldwide, the biggest for gas volumes of 70.000 m3 per hour. The number of filter bags employed range from 9 for the smallest units up to 758; bag lengths are between 2 and 6m. In addition to the steam jet mill application, production lines like dryers, rotary kilns, presses, granulators, pneumatic conveying and sack filling are dedusted. Overall, a total gas volume of more than 2 Mio. m3 per hour is dedusted by Nederman MikroPul plants.

Key features

  • Special gas routing inside the raw gas chamber
  • Electrical or steam tracing for the filter housing
  • Optimized product drag out considers the physical properties of this product
  • MikroFix™ tool-less blow pipe clamp prevents scuffing and grants fast bag access
  • Customized designed housings taking physical and chemical conditions of the gas stream into account
  • Pre-heatable regeneration manifold for avoiding condensation inside the raw gas chamber