Dust collector parts and valves

Parts and Valves

Nederman MikroPul can provide all the accessories you need to operate any dust collection system we manufacture and help you choose the right accessories for your application. Our offerings include drum covers, valves / airlocks, hopper vibrators, leak detection kits, screw conveyors, and sonic horns.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves operate on an electromechanical principle where a coil energizes the position of a valve to be open or closed. The keys to good solenoid valve operations are speed, safe switching, high-reliability and long service life.

The function of the solenoid valve in dust collectors is to instruct the cleaning system to pulse air into the bags. Instructions come from intelligent cleaning controls [link]. The solenoid valve set are protected within an electrical enclosure.

Nederman MikroPul-supplied valves are ruggedly constructed of brass and do not require a minimum operating pressure. All valves are two-way direct acting, and work on a normally opened or closed mode. These are available in 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch NPT.

Diaphragm Valves

In a pulse-cleaned dust collector, the diaphragm valve works with its partner Solenoid Valve to allow air to reach the blow-tube. The diaphragm valve is located on the baghouse structure. Great care is taken to match switching performance to the solenoid valve.

These products are designed exclusively for the Mikro-Pulsaire® line of dust collectors. Manufactured to rigid specifications, valves are available in the following pipe sizes: ¾”, 1”, 1 1/4”, 1 ½”. Repair kits for all size diaphragm valves are also available from stock and feature on our service trucks for swift response.

Repair Kits

The condition of the diaphragm valve seal is an often overlooked feature of the cleaning system. Leakage and damage leads to lost cleaning performance and compressed air, increasing energy bills.

Nederman MikroPul easily matches your installed equipment type to the diaphragm valve repair kit needed and all the most popular brands are supported in our field service trucks and in inventory.


The venturi in a pulse-jet cleaned baghouse improves distribution of the compressed air pulse in each bag, by virtue of the acceleration of air in the converging and diverging nozzle shape. The venturi style and material is critical to the good performance of the baghouse dust collector and is specified when the equipment is new.

It is important to check with MikroPul on the correct replacement. We can assist from our extensive database and knowledgeable staff. Various designs are readily available from our large inventory, including side removal and top removal – There are three designs:

  • One piece venturi / retainer assembly for snap-ring bags
  • Clampless design allowing removal of bag and retainer as a unit
  • Twist lock design with separate venturi and retainer for fold-over bags

Rotary Valves

The Mikro-Airlock™ is a rotary valve consisting of a cylindrical housing, a vaned rotor, and (in most cases) a drive. The rotor fits snugly into the precision machined housing, thus minimizing air or gas leakage while effectively feeding or discharging the material.

The material to be moved enters the Mikro-Airlock by gravity. As the vanes rotate, appropriate quantities of material are delivered to storage or to process.

Leak Detection Kit

There is a straightforward way to assess filter bag tears, holes, tubesheet leaks, and structural leaks between the clean and product sides of a baghouse dust collector.

The MikroPul leak detection kit uses an ultraviolet light source and a non-hazardous fluorescent tracer compound introduced into the process gas stream to reveal process air leaks. It is rapid, reliable and safe. Each kit includes a leak detector light, carrying case, battery pack, shoulder strap, spare bulb, UV absorbing glasses, and fluorescent tracer compound.

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