CascadAir Diffuser

CascadAir Diffuser

Our CascadAir Diffuser can significantly improve new or existing dust collector performance for quick payback with our unique inlet designs.

Fabric filters (dust collectors), used for pollution control or powder collection, encounter problems with abrasion, poor discharge of collected material, high pressure drop and short filter life. For filters with hopper inlets, MikroPul developed a solution called the Cascadair™ inlet gas diffuser. By reducing the solids and the gas velocity, the Cascadair™ can

  • End abrasion caused by the rapid impact or scouring by abrasive particles.
  • Promote material discharge since the reduced turbulence lets particles fall easily into the collection hopper.
  • Reduce filter pressure drop. With pulse-jet fabric filters, less turbulence prevents reduces the net material load on the filters. Less material load results in less filter cake and lower pressure drop across that filter cake.

Yearly Cost Savings

This graph gives you an idea of the yearly savings you could expect on fan power, compressed air, replacement filter, and maintenance labor costs. The result is a payback ranging from a few months to a little over a year. The calculations are based on a 168 bag unit operating 8,640 hr./yr. at 10,000 ACFM, 7¢/KWH, and $15/hr.labor rate.

Cascadair Air Diffuser Yearly Savings Chart

Performance Comparison

Cascadair Air Diffuser Dust Load Comparison Chart

Cascadair Air Diffuser Pressure Drop Chart

Cascadair Air Diffuser Dust Concentration Comparison Chart