Pulse-cleaned Air Filtration Systems

Inlet Pulse systems using automatic pulse-jet cleaning of cartridge media

In a pulse-cleaned system, the filter bank may be periodically cleaned, removing accumulated dust load. A digital control directs bursts of compressed air onto cartridges of filter media and dust is collected below the filter house for periodic removal.

What type of filter cleaning do I need?

If your location expects to see high ambient dust loads for extended periods, or the local environment has changed since installation, you may need to consider a pulse-cleaned system. If the OEM equipment was originally designed to rigid cost constraints, a pulse-cleaned system may not have originally been selected even though the environment could benefit from it.

If dust loads are expected to be low and local studies have always shown low levels, a static air filtration system may be sufficient. A turbine air filtration expert can help you decide.

How does a pulse-cleaned system work?

The dust that is collected on cylindrical cartridges is periodically removed by short pulses of compressed air directed from the inside of the cartridge. Pulse-cleaning is typically performed by row of cartridges and rows are pulsed sequentially, governed by a digital control timer. Cleaning may be programmed for the entire bank of filters, on a timed repetitive basis, but more efficiently and sustainably by sensing increases in differential pressure across the filter elements. In this case pulsing only takes place when a differential pressure threshold is exceeded (on-demand cleaning).

How do I tell the difference between crossflow and updraft systems?

In a crossflow inlet design, two cartridges - one cylindrical and one conical – are installed one behind the other over a support cradle. These cartridge pairs are clamped in horizontal rows onto a vertical aperture plate (grid plate). Unfiltered air enters the inlet filter system through weather hoods located immediately upstream of the filter cartridges and then passes horizontally and radially inward through the filter medium. The filtered air exits the cartridge horizontally through the grid plate into a clean air plenum located immediately downstream.