Long Bags for Baghouses

Our long bag technology for baghouse dust collectors allows for less dust loading, eliminates dust re-entrainment, and provides fewer and less violent cleaning cycles with lower compressed air usage.

Structural fabric filter systems filter large volumes of air with significant concentrations of particulate of a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Systems include multiple compartments and multiple fans. Without significant engineering and design considerations, systems can encounter:

  • High internal velocities
  • Dust reentrainment
  • Air and dust turbulence
  • Poor or mis-directed gas distribution
  • Bag wear
  • Inconsistent or inadequate filter cleaning
  • Expensive component and part replacement costs
  • Difficulty in handling filters and cages
  • Poor or unacceptable bag life

Nederman MikroPul has successfully addressed these limitations and can offer Mikro-Pulsaire® baghouse units with filter bags up to 8m (26 ft.) in length.

Benefits include:

  • Lower pressure drops
  • Less pulse cleaning required to maintain a given pressure drop
  • Higher filter rates
  • Savings in capital, real estate, and maintenance costs