Flat Bag Pulse Jet Filters

Fully assembled horzontal Nederman Mikropul pulse jet dust collectors, with filter area from 110m² - 2300m².

The filter with compressed air cleaning FD is fitted with stationary blowpipes and injection nozzles. Compressed air is supplied from compressed air containers with electromagnetic cleaning valves located outside the filter chambers.  Typical applications are energy plants, biomass incinerations, crematory, small air volumes.

-  Filter Area from 110m2 - 2300m2
-  Dimensions match geometry of truck, thus low transportation costs
-  Completely preassembled with Filter Bags
-  Compact design because of the flat bags
-  Easy maintenance, Filter Bags are horizontal mounted and can be changed from clean gas side
-  Easy access over maintenance platform in front of the filter
-  Operating temperatures up to 250°C
-  Completely welded housing
-  Filter will be delivered with complete Compressed air system