Largest filters for high moisture and high dust load ever built

Company Profile

Industry: Power Generation
Application: Gasification of coal

Problem statement

As part of a program to introduce fuel flexibility for a major American power utility, coal was crushed and conveyed through a heating process to extract gas to power generating equipment. The entire process caused the dust filters to be placed at a high elevation close to the process while meeting overall height restrictions. There were critical needs to suppress ignition of coal and gas.

Nederman MikroPul solution

A total of 6 RAF type baghouses were the largest such devices ever built and constructed in the Intrinsically Safe (IS) configuration. Each collector was 30ft dia. x 63ft. (9.1 m x 19.2 m) and employed over 1,200 special filter bags. Filtration was conducted in an inert gas atmosphere at positive pressure. All the collectors were erected at a height of 300ft. above ground.

Basic statistics: 6 systems, each of total flow of 140,000 ACFM (237,860 cu. m/h)
The current status: The power plant is operating with natural gas fuel.