Fume Treatment for Aluminum Melting

FS baghouse dust collection system

Case Study: FS baghouse dust collection system for Xiashun China

Industry: Aluminum
Country: China
Product: FS
Key Benefit: Good performance of the baghouse

Project Background

Xiamen Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co. Ltd. is an aluminum foil manufacturing company dedicated to the production of light gauge aluminum foil, particularly 6-7 micron foil products.

There is one melting furnace and one holding furnace in Xiamen Xiashun. The main issue is that the raw gas from both furnaces has very high (max. 350°C) temperature and high acid gas concentration.

Nederman MikroPul's Solution

Nederman MikroPul supplied a gas cooler before the filter in order to cool the dirty gas temperature down to approx. 120 °C. Also, a lime feeding system was supplied to neutralize the acid content in order to avoid heavy corrosion around the plant and environment.

The air volume was 75,000 Am3/h.


Commissioning is finished, the plant is running well, and customer is satisfied with this project.