Dust Collection for Electrical Component Manufacturing

FS baghouse dust collection system

Case Study: FS baghouse dust collection system for EGO China

Industry:Electrical Components
Country: China
Product: FS
Key Benefit:Energy Cost Savings

Project Background

E.G.O. is a high tech company and is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical components.Their process generates dust from four process lines, mainly from grinding, polishing, pressing, drilling and so on.The dust in the dirty gas is very light and very fine so it’s difficult to collect and filter.

The customer needed a clean factory and an energy-saving dust collection system.

Nederman MikroPul's Solution

Nederman MikroPul supplied an FS filter system for this application, with VFD control for all four process lines. This gave the client big energy savings only having dust collection running when a process line was running.


Our system provided excellent dust extraction, resulting in a clean facility. With the cleaner air, the customer’s air conditioner service costs were reduced, saving money for the customer.

The customer was very satisfied with us, and also brought another system from us for their 2nd phase project.