Save big on production costs with our RAF design

Carbon black case study with RAF-IS

Case Study: Carbon Black

Industry:Carbon Black
Country:United States
Key Benefit: Use process gas to clean the filter bags. Significant savings in product cost.

Project Background

A major carbon black producer approached MikroPul with their unique situation to collect carbon black, without using traditional pulse jet filters. Traditional pulse-jet cleaned product receivers that filter the carbon black from the process gas are not suitable due to contamination by the pulse gas, and the extreme cost of using a required exotic inert gas for the pulse.

Nederman MikroPul's Solution

MikroPul chose to supply a medium pressure on-line cleaned “Reverse Air IS Model Filter”, as it uses the filtered process gas itself to clean the filter bags instead of introducing expensive, compressed, exotic, inert gas into the process. Using the process gas itself ensures the purity of the Carbon Black. The filter is 13.5 feet in dia., stainless steel construction, and weighs 38,000 pounds.


The RAF-IS has recently shipped to the customer site. It is slated for start-up late 2019. We are expecting a successful and exciting new application for the MikroPul RAF-IS Filter. With the RAF design and special cleaning mechanism, customer can potentially save $1 million in annual production costs.