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Direct Reduced Iron

Nederman MikroPul is a leading supplier of industrial air filtration systems; dust collectors, including baghouses, reverse air filter and collectors, cartridge collectors, and dust evacuation systems.

Since many years Nederman MikroPul supplies proven technology specially for the dedusting of material handling systems in DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) processes in order to keep the production area clean and reduce the emission to the atmosphere.
High efficiency wet Scrubber systems characterized by adjustable operating point and without clogging risk, virtually maintenance free. Optional available Cyclones are selected for pre-dedusting.

To the benefit of our customers some older systems were successfully revamped with MikroPul Scrubber technology.
A further application field for MikroPul Scrubber systems is removal of vapors which occur during cooling down of the hot Iron.
In addition to the above cases MikroPul has delivered as well dry filtration systems for applications within the steel making processes (i.e. sinter process, electric arc furnace, iron ore material handling before DR).