Industries We Serve


Nederman MikroPul has delivered a huge number of wet scrubbers in a various number of drying applications and spray towers. The range of construction includes mainly four different types of scrubbers made of stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Normal range of air flow is between 30.000 m3/h and 150.000 m3/h, but also special applications off-size this range could be solved with unique equipment. Beyond the normal industrial execution for non-food applications we provide high quality scrubbers with an improved design for easier cleanability.

Typical dust types:

- KCl, NaCl, PVC, PP, PE, CaO Lime,
- P2O5, Phosphate, Ammonia, HCl, Potash
- Citrus acid, K2CO3, Na2CO3
- Detergent
- Milk and Dairy powder
- Malt
- Natriumcarbonat
- Etc.