Medium Efficiency Panel Filters

Depth loading pre-filters used in multi stage filtration. Three types of frame construction for low, medium and heavy duty construction.


Y Series

The Pneumafil Y-series pre-filters provide cost effective extended surface area elements for use in multi-stage static systems where maintenance practices require multiple changes of pre-filters per year. The 100% synthetic depth loading media will protect and increase the life of your downstream final filter by providing MERV 8 and MERV 10 Efficiency. The Y Series pre-filters are the best solution for removing large contaminants before they reach your final filters.

Z-Series Pre-filter

Z Series

The Pneumafil Z-series heavy-duty pre-filter elements are used in installations upstream of high-efficiency barrier filters and improved for performance in atmospheric conditions with high moisture. Z Series filters include a duty 0.052” thick moisture resistant beverage board frame and a 0.017” thick galvanized expanded metal to the medium for support. The frame and backing metal support provides double the strength of conventional pre-filters. Perfect for severe moisture applications.

Panel Pleat Filters

Panel PleatTM

The Pneumafil Panel Pleat style pre-filter elements are designed with permanent or removable pleated media and contained within an impact resistant plastic frames. Captured media styles include an advanced pleating technology that increases the supportable media area per filter, reducing resistance to air flow and maximizes service life. Available in MERV 8, 11, 13, 14 and 15 efficiency levels for leading protection of medium and high efficiency multi-stage filtration systems.

Downloadable Documents

Y100 Pre-Filters – S51654A1
Z-100 High Efficiency Prefilters
Panel Pleat Filters