LM6000 Composite Filter Systems

Custom designed for GE LM6000 inlet filtration systems. Provides two stage filtration. MERV 15 & 16 primary filters with replaceable inner prefilters.

The Pneumafil PneuMAX Composite filter offers a high performance two stage filter system for your LM6000 style inlet filter housing. The PneuMax Composite design features an “inside-out” canister flow consisting of two separate filter stages. The primary barrier canister filter features PneuMAX fine fiber performance rated @ MERV 16 even without a pre-filter.

We then add a custom designed fully integrated pre-filter sock that fits exactly on the interior of the canister to fully protect your high efficiency filter investment. The pre-filter sock is made with high quality 1”, high flow, low resistance depth loading synthetic media. The media is sewn into a cylinder shape with vertical seams and enclosed at the bottom with a textile disc to contain the dust and improve removal and replacement.

HDC Filter

Pneumafil also offers an “insertable” pleated pre-filter (used in urban or high dust concentration) environments. Designed with uniformed, synthetic pleated media, the depth loading media is designed for maximum flow capacity, improved capturing efficiency to protect your primary barrier filter.

Guard Door Filter

Many LM systems include a barrier wall of “Guard Door” filter elements upstream of the Composite Filters. The high flow pleated box filter, Pneumafil P/N S52507A1 is provided as a 24” x24” x 3.5” direct replacement for Donaldson P03-0228 to fit snugly in each swing gate door assembly. The pre-filter is designed with a durable double wall corrugated cardboard frame for added strength and moisture resistance.

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Pneumafil Guard Door Filter