Top 5 Dust Collector Problems

Any number of little things can cause serious problems in your dust collection system. An inefficient dust collection system will cause downtime and can be hazardous for your facility. Updated 6/30/2020 with data from our nationwide service team survey.

Updated 6/30/2020 with data from our nationwide service team survey

The MikroPul nationwide Service Team has enhanced our earlier post regarding common Pulse-Jet dust collector issues. We dived into our extensive archive of inspections and assessments to give our customers a close-up vision of how to get the most value out of dust collector service.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Issues commonly found in dust collection systems.

  1. Bags and Retainers (Cages)
    No surprise, after all it is a baghouse. But looking inside the data, a torn, burned or leaking bag has a cause. Yes, it’s possible that the bags life has come to an end but the bag performance and lifecycle is not affected by just the bag. High quality bags fitted improperly or by untrained personnel will shorten bag life. Low quality bags or incorrectly specified bags will inhibit filtration performance. Look for high quality retainers (cages) and a professional bag change provider to maximize life.
  2. Pulse-Cleaning Systems
    Over-pulsing of baghouses is unnecessary. There are very good pulsing control systems that will correctly regulate pulsing to maximize bag life and not waste compressed air. Conversely, no pulsing is a bad idea. Make sure the pulse timing is correct and functional or select an “on-demand” pulse control.
  3. Compressed Air
    Continuing proof that the pulse-jet baghouse is a system that need all of its components to work in harmony. Industry studies have shown that 90% of generated compressed air can be wasted before its applied for its true purpose. If pipes and couplings leak and valves get stuck, air is wasted and can have profound effect on energy costs. If the cleaning system is incorrectly set up, header pressure at the dust collectors never gets to specification and fails to clean the bags.
  4. Door Seals
    There is no point in filtering the air if some of it goes out of a poorly fitted access door. Closures, seals and the structure itself should be repaired to original specification.
  5. Differential Pressure Gauges
    Manual gauges are prone to clogging and damage. The filter differential pressure is the indicator that the filtration system is operating effectively. Pressure can be too high and too low. Bag performance can be enhanced by good pressure regulation. These days there is every reason to fit a non-clogging pressure transmitter and obtain 24/7 access to this vital readout.

If your dust collection system isn’t performing at its maximum efficiency, it may be time to call for service from the masters of dust collection, Nederman MikroPul. Our high quality services bring a highly trained field service team to perform comprehensive inspections and troubleshooting. We help to get your dust collection system operating at peak efficiency and uncover potential problems that could cause unexpected production upsets. We will spend the time to fully assess where your filter problems exist and what to do about it.

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