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Our Sustainability Commitment

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Increasing populations, and increased trade and technological development will inevitably lead to increased demand for goods and products that involve industrial production. It is naturally vital for industry to produce in an environmentally and sustainably acceptable manner, but it is equally important to streamline production for economic reasons.

The fact that new generations of products are considerably more energy-efficient and provide the opportunity for reliable compliance with regulatory requirements also contributes to this. This is where Nederman’s strategy within product and service development opens up completely new opportunities for our customers.


Greater responsibility through broader offerings

Value for Corporate leaders

Extraction At Source

Nederman’s business was solely focused on handling fume extraction at source.

Value for Plant Managers

Industrial processes

Broadening offerings to handle industrial processes

Value for Safety Officers

Filter & Monitoring

Further broadening the business to include filter technology and dust & gas analyzers

The Clean Air Company

The Clean Air Company

Development and acquisition of current and new offerings and capabilities enabling advanced Clean Air services and solutions

Our Clean Air Promise

Promise of Connectivity

As your industrial clean air expert, we will be available to you for advice and assistance. You can reach out to us in the digital world through our portals, web shops, and remote monitoring tools. Our local, national, and international service teams keep you operating onsite.

Promise of Clean Air
Clean Air.

We will support your compliance goals in the environment and worker safety. Our company shares your goals for sustainability, energy savings, and air pollution control.

Promise of Performance

We are all committed to you getting the best out of your dust collector equipment. We offer everything from inspections, to upgrades, to new equipment. Our solutions will fit your needs precisely, no shortcuts.

Clean Air as a Service (CAaaS)

In our journey to be The Clean Air Company, Clean Air as a Service is a future goal for us. We will ensure full compliance, know-how and guaranteed clean industrial air. Handling health and environment issues, Performance insights, Process optimization, Recycling demands and needs, energy efficiency & Energy costs and Emission compliance!

Our Brand Family



Nederman is a world-leading environmental technology company with focus on industrial air filtration.

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Nederman MikroPul

Nederman MikroPul specializes in industrial air filtration for heavy process industries such as metal fabrication, power generation, mineral processing, chemical industry, and many more.


Nederman Pneumafil

Nederman Pneumafil is a leader in providing air filtration products for the gas turbine power generation industry.



Luwa Air Engineering

Luwa is a global market leader in textile air engineering and a quality and performance leader with a global brand in the fibre and textile industry.


Gasmet Technologies Oy

Gasmet Technologies Oy is a world leading supplier of gas analysis solutions for continuous emission, mercury and dioxin monitoring systems, and portable gas analyzers.



LCI Corporation specializes in equipment and systems for the process industries. The liquids applications program provides technologies for evaporation, drying, and filtration. The solids applications program provides technologies for extrusion, spheronization, feeding, and pelleting in the chemical industry.

neo monitors

NEO Monitors

NEO Monitors is one of the world leading suppliers of Gas Analyzers and Dust Analyzers based on Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLS).

Auburn FilterSense

Auburn FilterSense

Auburn FilterSense isthe world’s leading provider of particulate monitors and intelligent controls for filtration systems (baghouses, dust collectors etc.) and related material flow processes. and