Our Capabilities

Nederman MikroPul will integrate all elements of your Industrial Filtration Solution

We work from “source to stack” to consistently deliver the economic and environmental results you need. MikroPul relieves you of the burden of selecting, integrating, installing and servicing all the items in a complex system. You gain the benefit of working with air quality professionals who understand your process. Nederman MikroPul invented the pulse-jet dust collector in 1956 and has since installed more than 200,000 systems worldwide. Our experience and technology has become well known in the industry for addressing detailed projects involving complex engineering and custom fabrication. Application knowledge and attention to detail has elevated Nederman MikroPul as one of the world’s engineering and fabrication leaders for air pollution control and dust collection products.

Engineering & Design

MikroPul’s success is founded in strong engineering ability. We efficiently address air pollution control, process collection and fugitive dust collection. Our experience results in complete and state-of-the-art solutions to some of the most complex industrial air filtration challenges. We are expert in engineering structures as well as individual devices. Nederman MikroPul engineers understand the full scope of project requirements.

MikroPul excels in turnkey baghouse / filtration systems design and implementation. We perform a complete process analysis to assess critical operating conditions and performance objectives. We pay close attention to dust type, size characteristics, gas stream chemistry, and physical location constraints. MikroPul designs will integrate all areas of equipment supply, from point source enclosure or capture hood to ducting to outlet stack.

Our specialised and extensive experience with the latest in design tools, such as solid modeling and structural analysis software, translates into faster, more efficient design, procurement, and installation of your system. It also means that we can better recognize potential problems and resolve them in the early stages.

Our expertise includes corrosive and explosive materials, pyrophoric, bioactive dusts and other materials requiring special handling or concern. More examples of our project design experience include removal of fluorides and SO₂, incorporation of fabric filter and dry injection systems to meet HSE requirements, coal gasification, fluidised bed combustion processes and other methods for reducing acidic gas emissions. MikroPul offers extensive design and assembly regarding explosion venting and offering BS pressure vessel code compliance.

Installation & Startup

MikroPul’s larger dust collection systems are packaged for erection on site. Field erection is the final piece of MikroPul’s project execution and is the key element in assuring a complete and successful project.

MikroPul can provide a turnkey solution, providing project management, supervision, and labour. We manage equipment rental – such as cranes and lulls – so that you can focus on what you do best. Alternatively, MikroPul can provide site supervision to guide your talented workforce in the erection of your new equipment. Our team travels globally to assist with projects.

MikroPul’s service team is able to assist with start-up of your equipment and balancing so that proper dust capture is achieved at each pick up point. We provide training to make sure your team is comfortable with the day-to-day operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your new equipment. Once steady state conditions are reached, follow up visits can go a long way in ensuring the continued operation of your new dust collection equipment.


Fabrication is one of the most critical steps in assuring a successful and cost effective project. A poorly engineered or fabricated component can cost a project hours of time and expense during erection. MikroPul has extensive experience in the fabrication of complex filtration systems. We precisely fabricate housings, flanges, plenums, support structures and other steel components. We conduct quality audit processes to assure everything fits correctly and performs to expectations.

Regardless of the project scope or timing, MikroPul uses in-house staff as well as an extensive list of partners near your site to provide cost efficient metal fabrication or specialised machining of components, globally.