MikroPul supplies Industrial Gas Cleaning Solution for ATIK Metal

Atik Metal, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality castings invests in state-of-the-art air pollution control technology from Nederman MikroPul.

Atik Metal is a Turkish manufacturer of high-quality gray and ductile iron castings for Truck and Tractor Industries as well as parts for Pumps, Industrial Valves, Gear boxes and Industrial robotic components. The company is headquartered in Izmir, Turkey and has a foundry (since 1954) as well as a machining plant with 850 employees. Atik Metal was recently named John Deer's Supplier of the Year 2021.

Nederman MikroPul has partnered with Atik Metal in the past concerning solutions for advanced air filtration in their production plants. When Atik Metal decided to expand its foundry in Aliaga, to triple production capacity from an annual capacity of 50.000 to 150,000 tons, Nederman MikroPul was the company’s preferred industrial gas cleaning solution supplier. The company has strict requirements in terms of a safe work environment and compliance with environmental rules.

Nederman MikroPul’s solution is built on extensive applications expertise and experience of foundry operations. The solution is based on six PLC-monitored FS filters which Nederman designed to minimize spare parts stocking needs. The plant has installed MikroPul-Assist, a service package based on the Nederman Insight IoT platform that enables remote monitoring of operations in real time via built-in sensors and a cloud solution. Operating data is presented on mobile devices and provides the basis for informed decisions regarding operation optimization and compliance with regulatory requirements. Service and maintenance are carried out by local technicians with a minimum of downtime.

The FS filters are energy efficient and simultaneously guarantee a good work environment and emissions control. The plant is under construction and will start operation in the first quarter of 2023.