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Carbon Black

Strong engineering ability has been a foundation of Nederman MikroPul’s success in efficiently addressing air pollution control, process collection and fugitive dust collection for over 50 years.

Carbon Black is mainly used as a reinforcing filler in automotive tires. The second largest portion of Carbon Black goes into belts and other rubber products. Last Carbon Black is employed in photocopier and laser printer toner, and other inks and paints as a color pigment.

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, ethylene cracking tar, or aromatic oils. Carbon Black is the generic name of various material produced by different technologies, from diverse raw material. Common type are acetylene black, channel black, furnace black, lamp black and thermal black.

For all production technologies, Carbon Black particles are in suspension in high temperature process gases; which process gases contain significant amounts of CO, CO2 and H2 (and SO2 depending on the raw material composition). Separation of particles and process gases occurs in filter bag houses; which are an integral part of the production lines process equipment. Carbon Black particles collected into Nederman MikroPul (previously FILTER-MEDIA) filter bags houses are transformed into pellets. Process gases are valorized it boilers for steam and electricity.