This is Nederman MikroPul

Our mission is to protect people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes. By doing that, we contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.

Connected. Clean Air. Performance.

When it comes to dust collection and air pollution control solutions for heavy process industries no one has more experience than Nederman MikroPul.

Nederman MikroPul is a global organisation specialising in industrial air filtration for heavy process industries such as metal production, power generation, mineral processing, chemical industry, and many more.


Our Clean Air Promise

Promise of Connectivity

As your industrial clean air expert, we will be available to you for advice and assistance. You can reach out to us in the digital world through our portals, web shops, and remote monitoring tools. Our local, national, and international service teams keep you operating onsite.

Promise of Clean Air
Clean Air.

We will support your compliance goals in the environment and worker safety. Our company shares your goals for sustainability, energy savings, and air pollution control.

Promise of Performance

We are all committed to you getting the best out of your dust collector equipment. We offer everything from inspections, to upgrades, to new equipment. Our solutions will fit your needs precisely, no shortcuts.

Application knowledge and attention to detail has elevated Nederman MikroPul as an engineering and fabrication leader in the area of air pollution control. The company’s pulse-jet dust collector, invented and patented in 1956, continue to be a standard for industrial air filtration.

Besides the successful pulse-jet dust collectors, Nederman MikroPul has developed a broad range of air pollution control technologies, becoming known globally for its expertise with air scrubbers, cyclones and coolers among other products. Filtration solutions vary in scope; from single accessory items to complex turnkey solutions, including fume abatement technology.

By end of 2015, Nederman Group formed Nederman MikroPul by joining its well-established and successful Engineered Solutions business segment in Europe (Nederman Filtration GmbH, MikroPul GmbH, Filtermedia France), North America (MikroPul LLC) and Asia (Nederman MikroPul Pty). With unsurpassed capabilities and vast experience, nobody is more capable of solving air filtration needs for heavy process industries worldwide.   

Sustainability Values and Whistleblowing

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History in brief


1920’s   MikroPul begins its operations in Linden, New Jersey registered under the brand name Pulverizing Machinery.
1956     The pulse-jet dust collector is invented and patented.
1957’s   Offices are established throughout the world, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and France.
1985     MikroPul is acquired by the Hosokawa Group.
2000     MikroPul is acquired by Environmental Filtration Technologies. The former Pneumafil Industrial Air Filtration Division is merged into MikroPul, expanding MikroPul’s product line with Pneumafil’s well-engineered line of Reverse Air Filters and Paraflo brand cartridge collectors.
2013     Environmental Filtration Technologies is acquired by Nederman Group.
2016     Nederman MikroPul is founded- uniting environmental divisions of Nederman and Environmental Filtration Technologies under a common roof.


1966     Garant GmbH is founded.
1978     Name is changed to BMD Garant Entstaubungstechnik GmbH.
1986     DISA acquires BMD Garant and the company name is changed to DISA GmbH.
2005     Dantherm Filtration acquires DISA GmbH.
2010     Dantherm Filtration is acquired by Nederman Group. The company name is changed to Nederman Filtration GmbH.
2013     Nederman acquired Environmental Filtration Technologies.
2016     Nederman MikroPul is founded - uniting environmental divisions of Nederman and Environmental Filtration Technologies under a common roof.