MikroPulse 100 Dust Collector Controller

MikroPulse™ 100P & MikroPulse™ 100T

Two economical timer options to control your pulse cleaning system.

The MikroPulse Model 100T pulse timer is a simple, digital continuous clean timer utilizing a Siemens Logo PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for dust collectors. The 100T features a digital pulse timer with On Time and Off Time settings.

The Off Time ranges between 3 - 60 seconds. The On-Time ranges 50 - 150 milliseconds. The 100T can handle up to four solenoids per output so it will work with pulse collectors with a maximum of 48 solenoids.

All set points are made using push buttons on the front of the Logo PLC. After setting the On and Off Times, users can also select between three to twelve outputs to be used. Nederman MikroPul recommends that the 100T be used in conjunction with a magne-helic gauge to monitor the baghouse differential pressure.

MikroPulse™ 100P Clean-On-Demand Controller

PLC-based controller triggers cleaning pulses when the differential pressure across the bag reaches the setpoint selected by the user.

  • In most cases, uses considerably less compressed air than timed pulses
  • Lengthens filter bag life due to fewer pulses
  • Setpoints are set with push buttons instead of potentiometers
  • Utilizes a 0-10" ΔP transmitter for precise cleaning
  • Standard NEMA 4 enclosure; hazardous service enclosure available


MikroPulse™ 100T Pulse Timing Controller

Simple digital continuous cleaning pulse timer with two setpoints:

  • On-time between 50 and 150 milliseconds
  • Off-time between 3 and 60 seconds

Units can be provided with terminals for wiring one to five solenoids/output.