Cylindrical Dust Collectors

Cylindrical Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

Nederman MikroPul's cylindrical pulse jet baghouse dust collectors are for high vacuum or high pressure applications.

Nederman MikroPul's cylindrical pulse jet dust collectors are well suited for high internal or external static pressures. They are often chosen for applications requiring explosion protection as well as those with tangential inlets (used to reduce bag loading).

Typical applications include spray drying, separating, coal grinding, mixing, food manufacturing, rail car loading, and product receiving. Commonly filtered dusts include sander dust, fine lint, grain, and cellulose (center photo above shows two Type W baghouses with tangential inlets in cellulose dust application).

Tangential Inlet Model

The Mikro-Pulsaire® tangential inlet collector can handle media velocities of up to 20 FPM (6.1 m / min). The inlet acts as a cyclone, causing the air to spin and moving the heavy particulate to the walls and then into the hopper. The fine particles are collected on the filter bags. This design can handle between 1,700 - 100,000 m3/hr (1,000 - 60,000 CFM).

  • Design pressures ranging from 17" w.g. (4250 Pa) to ASME coded vessels
  • Available as top and bottom bag removal
  • Many coating systems available
  • Shell heating and insulation available
  • Steel bag retainers (cages), selected for the application
  • Various fabric media to suit the application (chemistry, efficiency, temperature)
  • Aluminum, steel or stainless steel venturis
  • Stainless steel bag clamps
  • Compressed air headers are pre-assembled and pre-wired
  • Pulse cleaning valves selected specifically for the environment and application
  • A wide range of controls and instrumentation
  • Thorough treatment, as required, in accordance with NFPA standards for prevention of fire and dust explosions, practices for static electricity, deflagration venting, and explosion prevention.