Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Nederman Insight

The SMART way to do Industrial Air Filtration

  • Improve uptime
  • Ensure compliance
  • Optimize energy use

Nederman’s powerful cloud service gives you insight into the health and status of your filtration products using digital technology. It allows you to track system performance, predict maintenance needs, prove compliance and optimize energy use. This gives you more time and confidence to focus on your core business.


With increasing demands on sustainable production, take advantage of the latest digital technologies and advanced analytics. Track system performance, predict maintenance needs and prove compliance with Nederman Insight digital services. Make Insight part of your existing system through comprehensive retrofit and management services.

We know what it takes to make your business clean, safe and efficient

Nederman Insight combines over 70 years of industry expertise with the very latest in cloud and sensor technology. Manufacturers can have unprecedented access to the performance of their air filtration system performance. Besides robust visualization tools, Nederman Insight also offers auto-generated alerts and notifications bringing attention to system anomalies before they disrupt or shutdown production processes. Address root causes, redefine your preventive maintenance program, and manage energy resources with technology and technicians you can trust. See the possibilities and gain peace of mind when you move from guessing to knowing.

  • Smart alarms and notifications are configured to meet your operational requirements
  • Filtration system anomalies are identified in real-time
  • Parts replacement reminders ensure available inventory
  • Accessible from any web-enabled device, including tablet or smart phone
  • Available for use with most dust collection equipment manufacturers

Designed to fit your needs

Monitoring - enables you to monitor your air filtration equipment and set basic alarms to alert you when action is needed.

Prediction - enables you to set advanced alarms and predict maintenance needs. For medium sized installations with tough requirements on uptime and sustainable production.

Intelligence - gives you advanced machine learning, pattern recognition and business intelligence functions. For larger, time-critical installations where unplanned interruptions have severe business impact.

Core modules

Action Center – Dashboard with drill-down functions enabling you to monitor your equipment and quickly identify issues.

Rule engine – Allow you to customize your alarms and triggers to ensure safe and efficient utilization of your filtration units.

Workflow engine – Used to set up a chain of tasks that need to be performed as a consequence of an alert. Also allows you to set up notifications and contingency plans.

Machine learning – Smart algorithms that looks for patterns in your data, undetectable by the human eye, to help you identify risk scenarios and mitigate them before they happen.

Business Intelligence – Enables you to dig deeper into the collected data and set up customized reports that fit your needs.

Compliance report

As environmental laws and regulations are getting stricter, the need for better control of production emissions are increasing. Many industries are struggling to get a comprehensive overview of their emission levels and map them towards approved quotas. Nederman Insight compliance reporting package makes it easy to track your emission levels. Nederman experts perform an audit of your factory setup, propose a solution to correctly monitor your emissions and configure a report to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.