Gas Turbine Chilled Water Cooling

Chilled Water Cooling

For systems that need heavy cooling or operate in areas where evaporative cooling is not suitable, Chilled Water Cooling Coils are an option.

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Cooling coils may be a viable solution when chilled water is already available at a site or when the operator requires a greater degree of cooling than is possible with evaporative coolers. Pneumafil offers integrated systems that include coils, housings, structural verification, supply and return piping and installation.

Some points to consider:

  • For every degree F that the engine’s compressor inlet temperature is lowered, power output increases by about 0.33%.
  • Typically, coils can provide up to 45° F of air cooling, even in high-humidity environments where evaporative coolers do not work well.
  • Coils require a source of chilled water.
  • Coils add more pressure drop to the system than do evaporative coolers.
  • Coils condense large amounts of water that must be drained from the system.
  • Like evaporative coolers, coils systems require eliminators to prevent water carryover.
  • Coils add weight and may require structural enhancement of the support system.