Mikro-Pulsaire® PE Dust Collector

Mikro-Pulsaire® PE

Choose & Use

Easy to Configure

  • Mikro-Pulsaire® PE uses pre-engineered gas sections to deliver the ideal filter area for the application.
  • We help you reduce planning time and expense.
  • The design has two options for bag length and great flexibility for process gas temperature.
  • Standardization and modularization allows quick quotation, detailed technical design parameters and delivery of top view layout plans.

Easy to Expand and Modify

  • All features can be expanded and modified as demand changes during the lifecycle of the filter.
  • Increase or decrease the filter area with only limited downtime and avoid a replacement of the complete filter system.

Easy to Install and Commission

  • Mikro-Pulsaire® PE design lowers assembly and commissioning costs. We deliver flat packs or partly assembled sections for easy transportation by standard truck sizes.
  • The filter lowers bag installation costs using its top access (pre-engineered option), clean plenum design. This benefit continues to save money when the time comes for bag or retainer service.
  • We include specific features for ladder and rail access.
  • We lower site preparation cost. Modular filter design makes a vast range of configurations possible.

Easy to Maintain and Service

  • Reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance with leak-free retainers and available two part “split cages” for longer bag configurations.
  • Safe and secure access to the clean air plenum for valve, bag and cage repair, all achieved usually with one person.
  • Segregation of segments possible by using closed connecting frames. This way we allow service while the filter is in operation.


  • Versatile modular design
  • Flat pack dirty air chamber option for efficient transport by road or sea container
  • High temperature options including trace heating and insulation
  • Low maintenance, with access from the top of the unit
  • Two bag sizes (diameter 5 in / 6 in) and lengths (13.5 ft for d: 5 in / 20 ft for d: 6 in) available
  • Robust steel construction (optional bolted or welded)
  • Efficient cleaning with patented UniClean technology
  • Down flow / cross flow inlet air pattern to maximize dust handling capacity
  • Integral pre-separation section
  • Bunker filter applications: possible, due to screwed combined sections can be lifted on head plate